Here you will find my blog posts of a devotional nature as well as some recommendations that I have for personal devotional guides.


My entries from the Grace Park Family Devotional Guide:

Yummy and Nutritious       We Need Each Other       Cannot Separate       Let Us Love     Do Something

The Good Samaritan     Water into Wine



Morning and EveningA devotional that I very highly recommend purchasing and reading on a daily basis is Morning and Evening by C.H. Spurgeon. My wife and I read this devotional together every night before bed for the past three years. It is extremely substantive and edifying. You can view Spurgeon’s devotion for free online, but it is written in old English and is somewhat hard to understand. I recommend purchasing an updated version.


solid-joys-fbA free online devotional that I read each morning is Solid Joys by John Piper. It can also be downloaded as an app from the iTunes store, which is the way I read it each morning. It is brief yet substantive. It is a wonderful way to start your morning, in addition to your time in His Word and prayer.


VOVI have come to absolutely LOVE The Valley of Vision. For the past several months, my wife and I have been reading it together every night before bed. It is a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions, though edited to be in a cohesive format. These prayers and devotions cut straight to the heart and are so rich and real. In each, there is a constant crying out to God because of His holiness and man’s wretchedness. It beautifully captures the true depravity of even the holiest of men and lifts up the only Holy One. I cannot recommend this book enough.


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