Summer Reading


June has passed, but there is still much of summer left. If it has gone by too quickly and you’ve felt like it has been wasted, it’s not too late! You can redeem the rest of your summer by nourishing your soul.

When it comes to summer reading plans, I usually recommend a simple, four book formula.

  1. Classic
  2. New
  3. Self-Help
  4. Biography

This simple, four book formula ensures a wide range of material covered.

Classic: A Christian classic is called “classic” for a reason. It has weathered the test of time. While other books have sifted through the filter of time, the classics are the beautiful pearls that are left. Many people only read modern titles. This is like only eating at fast food restaurants. A steady diet of Mickey D’s will fill your belly but will not provide lasting nourishment. The classics have the nourishment you need.

This summer I have read Francis Schaeffer’s “True Spirituality,” and am currently reading John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress.”

New: While one should not solely rely on a steady diet of new titles, new titles are extremely beneficial. There are many smart theologians and pastors that are speaking truth into modern times. We need these voices.

This summer I am reading David Platt’s “Counter Culture.”

Self-Help: While reading classics and new titles are great, if this is all we read, we will often fill our heads while failing to strengthen our lives. We need to read books that strengthen areas of our lives that are weak. If you struggle with prayer, read a book on prayer. If you want to strengthen your marriage, read a book on marriage. You get my point.

This summer, though it is in the classic section too, I have read Francis Schaeffer’s “True Spirituality.” It hits on many aspects of practically living out theology.

Biography: The most inspiring books you will ever read are biographies. We do ourselves a disservice if we only read books on how to better our lives while failing to look to those who have lived extraordinary lives. Every person needs to read at least one biography each year.

This summer I read Colin Duriez’s “Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life.” It impacted me in more ways than I can begin to explain.


So, now that you are halfway through your summer, why not pick a few of these categories and get to feeding your soul!



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