My name is Jacob Haywood. I am a Co-Pastor of The Church at Grace Park in White House, TN and I teach Apologetics at Christian Community Schools. I am a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Apologetics and Worldview shortly. I am married to Sara. We have a one … More


I will be transitioning this website to an informational website about myself shortly. All new posts, including sermons, plus some yumminess will now be found at my new project. Click the logo below and enjoy Pastor Chef!  

Your Mind Matters

Your mind matters. We so often pursue outward change in our lives (behavior modification), and we forget that the inward is even there. But in reality, the inward controls the outward. And, if all we do is seek to control the outward, our progress will never last. Your mind matters. Jesus said the greatest command is to … More Your Mind Matters

Summer Reading

June has passed, but there is still much of summer left. If it has gone by too quickly and you’ve felt like it has been wasted, it’s not too late! You can redeem the rest of your summer by nourishing your soul. When it comes to summer reading plans, I usually recommend a simple, four book … More Summer Reading

Carry them to Jesus

Read Mark 2:1-12 The paralytic’s needs drove the four men’s action. I’ve always see the four men as the subject of the story, no, the paralytic is the subject. He had needs that only Jesus could meet. The four friends acted off those needs. If they hadn’t, the man would have been left there, alone … More Carry them to Jesus