On this page you can find my most recent sermons. If you would like to listen to more, subscribe to The Well podcast or the Grace Park podcast. I hope you are blessed by His Word!


Study on Ecclesiastes

04 facebook timeline_MEANINGLESS

Meaningless Pleasure (6.24.15)

Meaningless Wisdom (7.8.15)


The End Times Timeline-01 (2)

Even So, Come (4.26.15)    [VIDEO]


Empty - Living in light of the resurrection Graphic

Empty – Living in Light of the Resurrection (4.8.15)



Know Grow Show Together (3.8.15)



How to Abound (2.22.15)


The 141 Experiment

141 Experiment Background

Week 1 (1:4:1) – Carry them to Jesus



The Great Omission (1.21.15)



Hope Fulfilled (12.7.14)


The Gospel-Centered Life (Click to Listen)

The Gospel Centered Life

The Gospel-Centered Life is not Me-Centered (11.12.14)

The Gospel-Centered Life is Missional (11.19.14)


Change the World (Click to Listen)


Intro (8.20.14)

Barnabas (9.3.14)

Gideon (9.10.14)

Rahab (9.17.14)

James (10.1.14)

Woman with Alabaster Flask (10.8.14)


Heaven and Hell (Click to Listen)


Life is Short-Eternity is Long (4.30.14)

Heaven: So Far Greater (5.07.14)

Heaven (5.21.14)

Hell Intro (by Channing Gillespie) (6.4.14)

Hell – Part 2 (6.11.14)

Judgment (6.25.14)



Individual Sermons (Click to Listen)

Closeness with God (7.23.14)

God Has a Plan (5.18.14)

What Now? Closeness With Christ After His Resurrection (4.23.14)

Cut Off From Love (4.16.14)

Message from The Well by Channing Gillespie with a message from me about my sister passing away at the end. (4.09.14)

God is With Us Always (4.02.14)

Awe-Some God (Click to listen)

Awe-Some God

Worship Set

Awe-Some God (3.26.14)


 Expectations of a Christ Follower (Click to listen)


Expectations of a Christ Follower (3.05.14)


 Connected (Click to listen)


Part 1 – Relationship with God and Others (1.22.14)

Part 2 – Friendships (1.29.14)

Part 3 – Authorities (2.05.14)

Part 4 – Marriage (2.12.14)

Part 5 – Enemies (2.19.14)

Part 6 – Strangers (2.26.14)



1. A Child Is Born Christmas Every Day

 What Church People Do (click to listen)

What Church People Do Main PP

Part 1 – The Church (Greater than Yourself)

Part 2 – Baptism & the Lord’s Supper

Part 3 – Worship


Our students had a Fall Focus retreat focusing on the attributes of God. The following are the sermons from the weekend. God moved in a mighty way. I hope you will be as blessed and impacted as they were.

Fall-Focus-Jacob-WebsiteFall Focus Messages (click to listen)

Session 1 – Great and Holy

Session 2 – Merciful and Gracious

Session 3a – Slow to Anger and Abounding in Steadfast Love

Session 3b – Faithful (Channing Gillespie)

Session 3c – Provider (Christy Wethington)

Session 4 – Wrathful and Jealous / Our Reaction







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